Take a Leap for Families Together

On August 14th 2019 a team of staff and service users from our services in Sheffield will be taking the leap and Skydiving 15,000 feet to raise vital funds to address the social isolation and loneliness experienced by some children from troubled families, children looked after and care leavers in Sheffield.

There are 72,000 looked after children and young people in the UK. Outcomes for them are poorer than those that remain in the family home. Our Families Together Service works with struggling families who have children who are on the verge of being taken into care. We work alongside the whole family to identify their strengths and help them to create real and lasting changes. Our results are excellent– last year 92% of the families we worked with stayed together.

We work with many partners in Sheffield and we want to showcase the strengths of the partnerships by giving you an opportunity to getinvolved. Many of the children and young people we work with don’t have access to the opportunities that many young people take for granted and can often feel lonely isolated and stigmatised. The funds we raise will help us to provide opportunities that help families bond and increase self-esteem and resilience in children and young people e.g. abseiling, bouldering, trips out, creative activities.

Jump with Us: We’re reserving places for partners who want to join our Skydive team and make the jump! All we ask is that you raise £500 through sponsorship. Our next pages show you how you can do this. If you’d like to sign us simply email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your place.


Sponsor the Team: The money you give supports stuggling familes and young people across Sheffield. Your donation can help ensure vulnerable families are able to stay together and give children access to oppertunities many take for granted.


Give a young person an opportunity of a lifetime by sponsoring their jump: £250 will pay for a service user to join our team and make the jump. We want to see staff, service users and our partners jumping together to show the power of working together!

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