Jan Mayor - Waypoint Training Manager

Jan started out working in the mental health field designing behavioural programmes. She has in the past worked with people with learning disabilities, including co-production of training courses by and for people with various disabilities to help them integrate into their local communities and build genuine reciprocal relationships. She has been delivering experiential training for thirty years. Jan has worked in the drug and alcohol field since 1991, which has included being a practitioner in various roles and managing a wide range of services. She also has experience of working in an Awarding Body, giving her commitment to quality assurance in training.

After this in 2007 she returned to managing training services in the drug and alcohol field, with a real interest in how training can make a real difference in people’s lives, both by improving the delivery of services and by facilitating the personal growth of people in recovery. Although new to her role at Waypoint in June of this year, Jan has worked with Waypoint in the past, working in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University to develop and deliver the level 4 Certificate (CertHE) in Drug and Alcohol Counselling. Jan has a BSc (Hons) – Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. She is currently working towards an MSc Studies in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University. Besides working at Waypoint, she also serves on the board of another drug and alcohol charity and teaches compassion based mindfulness programmes.