Beth Collinson - Sheffield Hallam PhD student

beth2Having undertaken a work placement for RDash in the final year of her undergraduate degree, Beth was inspired to continue working in the drug and alcohol field. Having written her dissertation based on the service Beth was encouraged to continue her studies, realising she had great passion in this area. Graduating from her BSc in Criminology and Psychology in May 2016, Beth successfully gained a scholarship from Alcohol Research UK to start a PhD earlier this year. Alongside this, Beth is also pursuing at Masters in Research, both carried out at Sheffield Hallam University.

The PhD thesis will use a range of data sources to assess gender similarities in recovery pathways for problem drinkers in Sheffield, and the cohort for this research has been agreed with SASS. In addition to this, Beth has helped senior researchers at the university on numerous other projects in the field, and has run one of her own Asset Based Community Development workshops in Sheffield earlier this year. This project is still underway, and plans to be developed further in the upcoming months.