Alcohol Recovery Community

Alcohol Recovery Community

The ARC is a peer support service designed to help people get through all recovery stages, whether they’ve completed clinical treatment or are looking to take that initial step towards alcohol reduction.


Overcoming an addiction is frightening and can feel like an impossible challenge; you may have tried before and found yourself in a revolving door of recovery then relapse. The ARC uses peer support to show that there is a life after an addiction: recognising the strength in people supporting each other and proving that a life without alcohol doesn't need to be miserable. The ARC aims to offer you hope by showing you that achieving and sustaining recovery is possible, no matter how long your addiction.


We know that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. By providing you with a choice of recovery support (one-to-one and group work; physically active and therapeutic activities; CBT and 12-step programmes; day-time and evening support; mixed and specialist groups) the project is designed to offer something for everyone. By providing a choice of support, you will have greater individual control over where and how your continued recovery occurs.


Recovery isn’t just about coping with an addiction, it’s about rebuilding a meaningful and fulfilling life after an addiction. By helping you to build your social capital, access training, volunteer within the service and receive employment support, we aim for the ARC to be that opportunity that turns your life around, however you see fit.